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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Wardrobe in a Weekend

SewingPlum has a very interesting article on how a Wardrobe in a weekend could be adapted for different body shapes.

It refers to an article on Sew Inspirational about a 6 piece wardrobe made in a weekend. I have to agree that all those floaty layers with not much shaping are not massively flattering to most body shapes.
The example wardrobe has two sleeves tops, a pair of trousers, a skirt and two floaty overshirt/jacket type thingies.

If I was going to do something like this (and you never know I might, as I am sufficiently addicted to wardrobe and speed sewing) mine would have to be something more like.

Cap sleeve knit top from Simplicity 4699.
This is super simple, a front and back, cleverly shaped to give a boat neck and little cap sleeves

Cowl neck knit top from HotPatterns 1089.
This could be worn alone or with the boat neck from the first top showing under the cowl.

Simplicity 2603 cardi wrap.
Can be worn over either of the previous tops, and can be tied in many different variations.

Straight skirt with invisible zip from Simplicity 9825.
Simple and neat can be worn with all the tops.

Burda trousers of some sort, probably my current favourites with side pockets and a back zip.

This is only 5 pieces, but I think that's probably all even I could manage in a weekend, so I could probably allow myself to buy a matching cardigan, though the belted cardi from Simplicity 6735 is very wearable.

In fact the whole wardrobe from 6735 is very wearable and on a serger could be really quite quick to sew.

I'm not sure when I might have such a weekend, but if I did get one..... perhaps I'd give the above a go!


Gail said...

My sewing motto is haste makes waste! But maybe it could be done with that pattern set.

Jenni said...

If anyone can rise to such a challenge, its you. I don't think you would get a lot of sleep that weekend though. The wardrobe pattern looks cute, though your personal plan sounds very wearable and slightly more you.

RuthieK said...

I reckon its quite doable if you get Friday evening as well and have cut everything out in advance.

Michelle said...

Good luck in your weekend wardrobe! I envy that you stick with your sewing plans. I always get 1 or 2 garments into it and am distracted by something shiny...

Anonymous said...

A sewing weekend away! We do one each year...go to a local hotel, get a conference room and sew sew sew for 2 whole days!