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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Interesting knit top styles: SG thread

I've started a thread on Stitcher's Guild for this based on my previous 2 posts.

Topic on Stitcher's Guild

My initial thoughts had been just to challenge myself, but I would love for it to be a wider challenge and for people to sew along, hence the thread.
The challenge as I see it, would be to sew a knit top with styling beyond that of a plain knit top and post a picture on the SG thread.
Ideas on patterns etc can also be posted there and people can gain inspiration from each other.

Personally I plan on doing all 5 of those I showed using fabrics from my stash but that is just becuase I love knit tops.

My inspiration pieces are all from CCFashion main page and also from the Sale Section.


Jenni said...

That does sound an interesting challenge. I will be watching with interest as the styles are very attractive and I can see you wearing all of them.

marysews said...

I like all the pictures you posted, and will be watching your challenge.

Allison said...

Great idea, Ruthie. I love sewing knits and make a lot of knit tops so I am going to try to join in. It will give me some good practice altering my TNT T-shirt pattern to give it some new flair.

Sigrid said...

What original variations for knit tops you found. Looking forward to see what you will do. Would love to join, but right now I'm not committing myself, but I like the idea very much.