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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Black Velvet Leggings

I'm still thinking about the jacket honest, but in the meantime I cut out and sewed up these black velvet leggings. The little velvet bits which float in the air after cutting did make me sneeze a bit, but the leggings have come out quite nice and are super comfortable. Tomorrow I will coverstitch the hems and they will be done.
I've added a tiny scrap of cream knit to the centre back as a blank 'label' so I know which is the back.


velosewer said...

A great jacket takes time to plan. Have a lovely week.

Sherril said...

Velvet is such luxurious fabric for this simple garment. Good choice and I hope you find some quality time to lounge around in them!

gwensews said...

Perfect for the holidays!