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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

More dress

I'm going to work on the dress a bit more tonight honest.
<cheeky grin>

I am wondering about getting a haircut. I have mid length naturally wavy hair, fine but lots of it. I have a greasy scalp though, so team clarifying shampoo with plenty of good conditioner on the hair ends.
Now here comes the confession. Other than trimming my fringe (bangs), I have not had a haircut since January (before I split from my ex) as I had a home hairdresser who came to the house to cut both of our hair. I've been quite happy to grow my hair out as its felt girly and I like that. However 9 months without trimming can't be good for the condition of those ends. I have done a home colour twice or maybe 3 times in that time just to keep the greys at bay and don't overdo it on styling etc, but I wonder if sometimes I look a bit too natural, and maybe like I don't really care.
Maybe I'll ask the girls at work tomorrow and see what feedback I get, they are fairly honest but nice with it.

I found with my hair type I either needed a short layered style - but that only works when I'm right at the bottom of my weight range and my face has thinned right down - not currently. Or a lot longer with layers. Style personality wise I am Natural with a large dose of Dramatic, and the long wavy layers has that Free Spirit Chic look. I could take the colour more dramatic (ie more into the red) which would bring out my green eyes more, but maybe make wearing some of my Spring pinks it a bit more challenging.
For work, especially when I need to be serious, professional or metaphorically kick someone's butt, I twist my hair back and make a twisted loop on the back of my head which I pin place with a barette.
I like being able to have both as I can literally let my hair down at the end of the day!

Right enough wittering back to sewing or I shall have nothing to show for it!

Updated to add quick hanger shot of the dress, still needs hemming.


Rhoto said...

Hi Ruthie!!
"Out with the old... in with the new" always calls for a good shape-up and professional colour, I say ;D
Treat yourself and feel great with the results for the upcoming Christmastide.
Warm greetings,

Ann said...

If you are wanting to get your hair shaped, find a good hairdresser and have them do it. If you want to keep your hair long you could get a 180 degree cut so you have lots of layers but still can wear it back at work. Anyways, once you have a good cut, you can always get a local hairdresser to trim it up and in 6 to 9 months get another good cut. I did that several times but now my favourite hairdresser is taking me every 6 to 8 weeks.
Love you rendition of the Little Black Dress. Will be really cute to wear to Christmas parties and other functions.

velosewer said...

Definitely get a great do. You need to treat yourself. It sounds like you're ready for it.
And gets some great heels to go with the dress. It will look great on :)

Hen said...

Wow, you are so quick! That looks like the perfect dress for christmas and many other events.
And yes, get a haircut. Ask a colleague who's hair you like where she goes. And then show us the dress on you!

MushyWear said...

Oh your dress is so pretty with the fabric that you used!