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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spring 6PAC so far.

Over on Stitchers Guild, Elizabeth runs a sew along for each 3 month period called the 6PAC (originally the 6 Piece Autumn Collection) though the term 6PAC is now used for any seasonal collection.
The Spring 6PAC covers February to April, and I try to sew garments in co-ordinating themes over each period to join in, though I don't always manage to make the pieces Elizabeth suggests. As I am also sewing for SWAP, the pieces either are also part of, or co-ordinate with the SWAP pieces. Here's where I am up to so far this season. The black jeans from Burda 9/2004 #106 and the red blouse from Prima Magazine June 2010 are both partly constructed and will be done before the end of April.

And these are the 6 pieces I made in January (a very productive month, before I started the new job).

For the next seasonal collection (Summer 6PAC), Elizabeth has suggested I go with cream and brown, so once I finish a few SWAP extra pieces (ones I planned but didn't sew in the SWAP timeframe), I will change over to the new colourway for Summer 6PAC.

I decided that this time, since I had asked Elizabeth for her advice, and she had so graciously given it I would follow it for once, instead of doing my own thing. Elizabeth has met me in person and watching the results of my sewing over quite a long period, and has an eye for such things so I think she's worth listening to.

Here's her sage wisdom for me
Well, let's see, Ruthie - you're a warm and clear colour, and "dramatic natural" as you say.

I *think* I would pick lighter neutrals for you this summer and go with a lighter ruddy/rusty brown (your hair colour)  and cream.  I've not seen you do much cream but I do think it would work.

I'd do a skirt with asymmetrical hem and a knit top in cream; (inner column)
A pair of brown trousers and a jacket with cool tabs and ribbons  (like that cynthia rowley one) in the brown (outer column)
A t-shirt in a brown/cream print [PS I put this in here because you like prints, but I bet a brown t-shirt would be v useful]
A dress in a brown/cream/colour print
See if you can get a colour in the dress to match one of your earlier wardrobes.
Then I'd pick out/make a bunch of necklaces, belts, bags in clear warm colour combos -- turquoise, coral, etc.

Alternatively -- you have loads of clothes.  Find some trousers or skirts and make a non-patterned top in a similar colour.  -- you might find it really extends your wardrobe.   Or concentrate on making a jacket (I know that you, like I, struggle with this). 

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RhondaBuss said...

What a wonderful wardrobe!! It's very exciting for me to have three pieces included in your wardrobe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!