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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SWAP Seven #2 Knit Top

The second of my seven garments is a simple scoop necked knit top.
This is a great pattern with two sleeve lengths.
I made a forward head alteration by shaping the back seam and shortening the neckband accordingly.
The short sleeved top was cut from the same fabric as the dress, and the 3/4 sleeve top from the same fabric as the cardigan. To make best use of the fabric in both cases I cut both garments out at the same time from each fabric. The print knit stretches up as well as across so I think I cut the sleeves out at right angles due to fabric shortage.
This is a great pattern I have used a lot!


Ripple Dandelion said...

Very cute and I love your happy expression!

RhondaBuss said...

You are a born model. What fun pictures! BTW, love the red necklace that you're wearing with the t-shirt.

Lisanne said...

Ruthie - you look so happy in your SWAP clothes - it's lovely to see how well you've 'got' your style for your new life.

pdiddly said...

I agree you look very happy - love the outfits

Suzy said...

Ruthie, you look fantastic!! Wel done :)