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Saturday, 29 September 2012


I want to make myself some soft jackets to wear to work.
I have been looking at different patterns, but for the moment am going to attempt these 3.

First up, the free pattern in this month's Prima magazine, these are pretty simple patterns usually, so can work out well.
I've been having a think and I will need to do my normal rounded upper back alteration to the back piece, then my forward head alteration to the front/front facing, plus a full arm alteration to the sleeve and then I'll be good to go. All those things are a bit of a pain, but having learned how to do them I should just get on with it!

Second as previously mentioned is New Look 6082, though with some alterate closure to their fabric belt.

And then finally Simplicity 1784.

Once I have an idea which of these 3 works best - or hopefully all 3 will be fine and then I'll have options - then I hope to be able to run up simple jackets for all the existing orphan trousers/skirts, fabric permitting. We shall see!


Judith said...

Work jackets are always a 'must-have' in our wardrobe. I think you have choosen 3 beauties...can't wait to see which one comes to life first...

L said...

I am thinking of making a jacket as well. After switching out my summer for winter clothes, I noticed that the only jackets I wear frequently are made of corduroy. I want a couple of nice, tailored wool jackets for fall.

kittiesx3 said...

For what it's worth, I made the New Look jacket and simply didn't bother with any belt at all. It works quite well that way.

Jenni said...

I think all three should work well for your lifestyle. I hear you on the difficulties of deciding what to sew first though.