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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sewing goodies (part 1)

A kind lady on Stitchers Guild offered me some more Burda magazines, and I said 'yes please'. She's not hugely local to me, but happily a friend works occasionally near to her and collected the Burda magazines plus some bonus fabric and other magazines, and I've had a great time looking through them and planning things I may or may not make.
As you can see they are from 2005! And as ever with Burda there are great things and super fails.
I've promised to send the maternity edition on to someone else, so its not in the picture because its been put to one side to be posted - honest!
Knowing my love of all things dark brown, my giftee also included two pieces of brown fabric.
The darkest brown is apparently a length of Mulberry wool and is wonderfully squishy and almost furry. I don't know anything about Mulberry that i can recall, so must google it.
The lighter brown is still pretty dark (the blue carpet is the same carpet as the top photo), and is a stretch lace. I immediately envisaged a pair of stetch lace leggings worn under dresses, and a stretch lace knit top worn over a cami - what do you think? A little too risque?

Given my current workload and social life (both busy) I'm not sure when I shall get to sew them up, but wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my lovely benefactress for indulging me!


Janine said...

You have scored well there. I have a few burdas from 2005 and the patterns are great ( I think better than the current burdas ).
If you feel comfortable wearing lace leggings then go for it but it would make a nice top as well or a simple layering T shirt for under your other brown clothes.

velosewer said...

The fabric will be great for the coming season.

Dixie said...

What a nice gift! I love looking through Burdas, even though the plus size styles tend to repeat themselves. Over and over. Urban Safari number 217. But it's great inspiration. The fabrics are nice, too. Enjoy it all!

kbenco said...

Such a lovely present.
I have made 2 lace t shirts - one short sleeved and one long, and made sleeveless t shirts with lowish necks for underneath - no bra straps on show, and I wear them a lot. They are a bit more dressy than a regular t, but not over the top. The leggings could work too, but maybe not as versatile?

Sewing Geek said...

Lucky you! Congratulations. I think lace leggings would be nice.

RhondaBuss said...

Oh, go for the leggings!!! What a great gift. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift from your friend!! How fun!

Printingtextil Natasha said...

Nice goodies