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Thursday, 27 December 2012

SWAP 2013 : second item also completed

I'm on a roll now the machines are threaded up in navy blue, and another of my precut projects is now complete.
Its another turtle neck top based on New Look 6735 with the sleeves made full length and the soft collar replacing the neckband.
Here's the sketch I did for the storyboard :-
And here's the actual finished item. The stripes are obviously nothing like that wide, but they are wider than the other striped fabric, which is what I was trying to indicate.
The fabric was £2.00 per metre from my local roll end shop. As always with such places, fabric content is a complete mystery, they will never have the fabric again but the prices are cheeeeep. I have some left over for another top as I bought several metres.

Its stretchy in both directions, and is a dark navy with oatmeal, so should be good for wearing with jeans etc. With the long sleeves and loose turtle neck this is ideal for wearing under a boiled wool jacket, wool sweater or anything else warm but with annoying scratchy bits!!!


Judith said...

This long sleeve top will be so easy to dress up or down, or layer over...J

Chris Lucas said...

You sure are on a role... and I love this top!

RhondaBuss said...

A great striped top is something wonderful to have in a wardrobe as it will work with so many different outfits. Looks like your SWAP will be a true wardrobe enhancer!

twotoast said...

Very cute top - and I love to see your pictures coming to life!

I start SWAP sewing tomorrow - can't wait to get started!

Medea said...

Nice to get some things finished. We go back home to France tomorrow and after New Years Eve I hope I will cut and sew something for my swap.