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Thursday, 27 December 2012

SWAP has started

SWAP - sewing with a plan - has now started over on Stitchers Guild. Actually sewing started yesterday but I've been away for Christmas and only got home last night.
(Above is my last drawn plan, but it has changed since and I've not got round to updating it.)

I do have several knit items cut out, so would like to sew those up to get some feeling of progress, before moving on to a test piece and then to my navy boiled wool jacket!

The boiled wool jacket changes the plan a bit as I only bought enough for a jacket, not a skirt as well, so no suit. But I have several trouser lengths so will be making up one of those instead.

I shall make things up to a certain point and then re-evaluate and see what would work to complete the plan.

Looks like it has quite a lot of cool weather clothing (which works 8 months of the year here anyway!) so I want to get things sewn up and in wardrobe rotation as soon as I can. That may not be the best way for SWAP as there may be laundry accidents etc but the clothes are for wearing not admiring, so I want to use them at the right time of year.

After all the new year parties are done I'm going to have a look at following the 'Gi Diet' as it looks one of the healthier ways to eat and lose a little weight. I also want to make the effort to be more active. Depending on how well that goes I may need to alter the bottoms a little as I seem to fluctuate more on the waist and hips but I'm not going to let that stop me - either on the sewing or on the healthy eating front.

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RhondaBuss said...

I love your planned wardrobe. It's fresh and light with the perfect pop of color.