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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 Year Review: Part 1

2012 was interesting, since whilst I didn't move house, I did change roles at work twice which taught me a lot but was extremely tiring. I also had a much better social life, going out more and doing things which has been HUGE fun. All of those impacted my sewing quite a lot, but I still managed to get a fair bit done.

In January I worked on my SWAP - Angled Poise
In February I made a black dress
And things for the craft fayre
Plus changed jobs at work for the first time.

In March I had flu and a follow on infection, and the only sewing I did was a wadder:-
This red dress which was far too large in the neck and body.
I also got some shelving for the sewing room, enabling me to unpack all the stash from boxes.

In April I finished the SWAP and did the photos
I also tested Rhonda Buss's 'Lend Me Your Shoulder' top which I've wormn a lot with jeans for meals out etc

In May I don't seem to have sewn anything at all, which is how things go sometimes I guess!

In June I bought two old sewing machines but failed to get either properly working.
I made a cushion and some pillow cases

(Part 2 coming shortly!)


Ann said...

You were quite busy during the first part of the year with changes in your job and sewing. Great work!!

Judith said...

Your SWAP was filled with great goodies for the wardrobe...

pdiddly said...

well done on all your achievements for this year as per Part 1 - love the red top.

Happy New year