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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Matching thread

As you know I like sewing knits, and it is a joke with my sewing friends that I like the thread to match and I sew multiple garments with the same matching thread to avoid rethreading my machines.

Last night I was chatting about sewing and life with YorkshireLass and saying I really wanted to make a red tee shirt dress next but sadly the machines were all threaded with white thread. I forget the exact words, but she pointed out that this was probably a poor excuse and I should just get on with rethreading, and the whole exercise should take me 10 minutes tops.

So I looked in the relevant thread drawer and found I had something like 13 spools of red thread - I like to have 8 of my popular colours so I can have the sewing machine x 1 + bobbin, the overlocker (serger) x 4 and the coverhem x 3 all matching. So no excuses there, and I wedged the phone in the crook of my neck and threaded whilst chatting.

So expect a whole load of red stuff coming up!!!

BTW I do understand that because overlocking is on the inside of a garment you could use almost any colour, but I like it to match even if only I see it.


ElleC said...

I like my thread to match too. I have non-sewing friends who think it is funny that I will sometimes sew something because the machines are already threaded with the right coloured thread. It really isn't, I have 2 sewing machines, a serger/overlocker and a cover stitch machine. It is all fairly easy to thread, but the serger is a moody bitch and sometimes just won't be threaded. I just can't face her sometimes.

Ann said...

I like to have the same colour thread also but have learned that I can use two colours to match the fabric and two in gray. I also use black on dark colours. I don't mind threading my serger as I knot the new threads onto the old threads and pull them through. Easy most of the time.

Elaray said...

You and I have the same thread philosophy. I buy three large spools from Wawak for the serger; then three regular spools from a brick and mortar store: two for the chain stitch needle and looper of the serger and one for the sewing machine. (And yes, they must match) That adds up to lots and lots of thread.

Janis said...

I had to laugh out loud when I read this post. Funny, the little habits we sewists get into. Some of them make more sense than others. : )