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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


One of the boxes I unpacked the other week contained a Ruthie sewn matching jacket, skirt and trousers in a great greeny grey linen look fabric. I tried the pieces on and realised the fit was not bad except just a little loose around the waist. I had a think about it and this is what I have done.

Problem: Slightly too large around the body, closed with loops and buttons, had a little section of stitching undone in one sleeve.
Fix: Unpick one sleeve hem, part of the armhole seam, resew the sleeve seam which had come undone, resew the armhole seam. Next unpick the section with the button loops, resew. Turn everything back out and restitch the sleeve lining by hand. Mark and sew buttons holes in front, fray check, allow to dry, cut open with buttonhole chisel.
The jacket is from New Look 6114

Problem: Slightly too large at the waist, elastic waist not very smart for a work skirt.
Fix: Unpick a little of the waist casing, unpick the elastic, shorten by two inches, rewes elastic, resew casing. Take the loops removed from the jacket, and sew them at the side seams of the skirt waist casing as belt loops. Wear skirt with smart dark green leather belt hiding elastic waist.
I can't currently find this pattern, but it came in knee and very long length, as well as an asymmetric version longer one side than the other, and I think it was McCall's. The panels are cut on the bias and one version was made up of several contrasting fabrics including a plaid. Will share when found.

Problem: slightly too large at waist.
Fix: Wear trousers with smart dark green leather belt slightly pulling in loose waist.
I think these were the trousers from New Look 6114.

The trousers in particular still need defuzzing, and my little device for this has flat batteries and I can't find the battery charger.
However I can wear the skirt and jacket as a soft summer suit to work now.


pdiddly said...

its always nice to find something we made that you haven't worn for a while and its like getting a new outfit.

Ann said...

Great alterations on the 3 piece suit. New outfit for this summer spending only some time to fix.