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Friday, 31 May 2013

Me Made May

I have been privately participating in Me Made May, wearing one thing I made myself every day. I have managed it every day, though two of those were by changing something after I got home from work.
Mostly the MMM items have been knit tops or earrings though trousers and cardigan jackets have featured as well. I haven't taken any pictures of myself at all, so I have nothing to share here.

Since it is my own little personal challenge I am going to try and carry on with it into June and beyond.
If I included items I have customised/altered then the list of options would go up a lot as I often make little tweaks on purchased items by dying the garment, adding beading, changing buttons, altering for a better fit, changing hemlines (subtly or drastically) etc

Not much in the way of sewing progress to report, though I've done a few bits of crafting, taking some lime green lamp, sponge painting the bases cream and adding cream lampshades. I seem to be entering a more neutral phase!


velosewer said...

Hi Ruth.
That's great. If there's an outfit that you want to share, I'd encourage you to do so because you have lots of supportive followers.

RhondaBuss said...

Way to go Ruthie! The more we make an effort to wear our mm clothes, the better.

L said...

I admire anyone who is able to find something they made to wear every single day. I can do one or two days per week, but certainly not every day. I hope to build my wardrobe so that this is a reality soon.

Congratulations on finishing the SWAP. I voted for you.