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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SWAP: dress and top

Here I am wearing the dark teal cowl neck top over the bright jungly print dress, just add a belt for some waist definition.
The same dress, this time picking out the bright spring green in the print of the dress. I could've made another top in the purple, but it's not as good a colour for me as the teals and greens.
This is the other dress, a more muted navy, soft teal, turquoise and off white. It works well with the ivory top, but could also be worn with the navy blue top (not shown). A rich turquoise would also work well with this print, but I wanted to keep the colours as neutral as possible in this side of the collection.

Both knit dresses also work very well with a purchased neutral short linen mix jacket I overdyed in turquoise. In fact it would be a great topper for all the outfits in this collection instead of the the teal cardigan jacket.
I'm glad the pictures are up now as it means I can wear the pieces without concern for laundry accidents!

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Mary said...

Super cute Ruthie!!!