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Saturday, 4 May 2013

SWAP Teal Cowl top

Made from a dark blued teal mystery remnant, which was very drapey (I'm thinking viscose aka rayon) and is beautifully soft on the skin, this should be a joy to wear.
Sorry about the photo, its taken indoors with flash on my new little Fujifilm point and shoot and I'm still getting used to it.
Same pattern as the ivory top, but that is almost a sweater knit weight, and this is extremely soft and drapey. Interesting what they look like despite using the same pattern.


Judith said...

Looks very wearable - I'm a sucker for this colour ... J

Nancy said...

Hi Ruthie. I really like your blog and wonder if you would please consider adding the gadget that allows someone to follow via email subscription or through Bloglovin? I would be so grateful.

SewRuthie said...

Hi nancy, I've no idea how to do that but will research it and see what i can do.

Nancy said...

You find the gadget the same way you added the blog list to the right side of your blog. Go into design/layout, then over the right column, click choose a gadget. The list will come up and I think the email subs one is the fifth down. Thanks.