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Friday, 10 May 2013

Green SWAP top: final piece

Here's the springy Emerald green knit top
I have been quietly doing a Me-Made-May item each day, but no pictures.

Hopefully proper SWAP pictures this weekend of me wearing stuff, though I shall be good and send them to AnnRowley for the Flickr site and not post them here.

Anyway the story board looks like this now.

Not quite what I planned at the start but I like it!


Jenni said...

The green top looks lovely and actually the whole SWAP hangs together nicely with the green top giving a pop to the whole thing. Well done on completing this under tight timescales.

RhondaBuss said...

I like the collection too Ruthie. The colors are vibrant and so pretty.

Donna W said...

Love the colors in your latest SWAP. What pattern did you use for the leaf print dress? Really like that dress.