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Monday, 20 May 2013

SWAP 2013 Photos are up

Ann Rowley writes
Photos are up!

Thank you everyone for all the work you have done in putting together such wonderful SWAPs. We have eighteen entries this year which is a great response to the challenge.

Details of how to view and vote can be seen here

As there are so many entries I have extended the voting time - you have until midnight Monday 27 May.

Good Luck everyone!
Voting information is here - Voting Information for SG members
SWAP photos are here - All the SWAP 2013 Photos

If you appreciate sewing please enjoy all the photos, and if you are a member of SG please do also then go and vote as per Ann's instructions!


Diana said...

Hi Ruth. I just had a look at your Swap and it looks fantastic. Congratulations on such a well thought out and coordinated wardrobe. Loved the hat!!

SewRuthie said...

I loved the hat too. My BF (the photographer) wasn't convinced it must be said!