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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Coral Mesh Cardigan: Prima November 2010

I bought the fabric for this a few weeks ago from the fabric stall on the Monday market, mostly because it was coral. As the fabric is cotton I prewashed it to avoid too much shrinkage later. I didn't measure it before hand but I think it did shrink quite a bit in width.
I couldn't quite think what to do with it, and then decided that actually a simple cardigan style would be the best bet.
The fabric is a cotton mesh base with chenille sections, no stretch and quite big holes between everything.
I sewed with a longer than usual straight stitch (length 3) and overlocked immediately to keep the edges contained.
The front is cut on the selvedge of the fabric.
I used a cardigan jacket pattern from the November 2010 issue of Prima magazine. This is a general women's magazine published in the UK, which if you subscribe comes with a free sewing pattern, often a very simple style, so good for things like this.
Not sure what you could possibly do with the leftover mesh scraps!


Bonnie said...

Great job on your cardigan. Love the color!
Bonnie @ www.sewplus.blogspot.com

Summer F-T said...

It looks fantastic! I especially love the color!