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Friday, 17 October 2008

Ideas for 2009 SWAP

I got my notebook, and started to go through ideas. I have a corporate life 5 days a week and the SWAPs I made in past years ended up with too many casual items I could not really wear to work and feel comfortable.
So this year to really reflect the twist I think I am basically going to sew a classy pinstripe suit, co-ordinating bottoms and contrasting tops.
A quick paw through the fabric I have bought recently or kept out of the storage unit revealed four possible stripe suiting lengths, and I thought there was the most mileage in one which is charcoal with fine stripes of aqua, teal and black running through it. Really quite classy, and slightly different to my existing RTW suits.
I'll use the stripe for a jacket, skirt, trousers (and an extra piece of a waistcoat). Then add bottom weight charcoal as more trousers and a skirt, and top weight charcoal for a soft shirt.
Other tops with be ivory cowl neck from sweater knit, ivory knit tee and an ivory satin wrap blouse, plus knit tops in teal and a print.

I recalled a satin wrap blouse in Burda WOF last winter, can anyone give me the month/year? Its was a bright emerald green satin, in an issue with loads of bright satin used for dressy holiday outfits.....

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