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Saturday, 18 October 2008

SWAP 2009 thoughts

I do love the idea of SWAP, but I found in previous years that after a while I got bored and having the whole lot planned out was a little too confining for me.
So I think I will give myself some freedoms this year within certain rules

1 Have to stick to the colour scheme of charcoal, ivory, teal and turquoise
2 Can make extra items which go with SWAP along the way e.g. turquoise jacket, stripe waistcoat etc
3 Sew from stash as much as possible (I have quite a lot of stash in these colours)
4 After two SWAP garments do another unrelated project, even if it means changing serger threads! This will kick start the creative process again and make SWAP seem fresh.
5 No decisions on patterns are set in stone until its been cut out of the fabric, then there is no going back.
6 As the stripe fabric is the 'key' which brings the other items together test garments need to be made for these as wadders would wreck the plan. The test garments can be in the SWAP palette however and be used as extension items. Also test the wrap blouse before cutting into the cream satin.

Whilst not required it would be a bit of fun and challenge to
- revamp wadders and UFOs into wearable items - perhaps a full stripe skirt into a shirt etc
- use lots of different pattern companies, including some new ones
- make some co-ordinating jewellery
- embellish a completed garment
- try some new techniques

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