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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Planning projects

I've had some sort of flutype virus thingy, maybe just a heavy cold? and its left me very tired and achy so I am off work at the moment for a few days. So not got energy to actually do to much but have been thinking and planning. Mind I always seem to have more ideas in my notebook than actually make it into garments.
I've lost 35lbs in the last 15 months which I am very pleased about, and recently I've had a few goes at sorting out my too large clothing. Most of it has gone to the local charity shops. However I have kept a few things- mostly stuff I made myself to refashion into something I could wear now.
Here a few of the ideas:-

I have 5 (no idea why 5!) identical crew neck tees in a great teal colour - crew neck is bad on me but the tees are a nice colour, so I plan to alter each one in a different way - and keep any results I like. Plans are for neckline changes to scoop, boat, V, sweetheart and squared with maybe some embellishments as well.

I also found a black Marks&Spencer wool coat I bought in 2001 and wore for 3 winters whilst I commuted 40 miles on the train to work in Preston. It is a very long boxy coat in UK size 18, and just asking to be recut into something with more shape. I like the collar shape, so might keep that and recut the rest.

Also found a very full cotton voile skirt (elsticated waist) in a great animal print. Am thinking of remaking it into a balloon sleeve blouse like McCalls M5522. The fabric has good drape for that sleeve I think.

Also a few things which need shortening at the hem or sleeve, or mending, and maybe the waists taking in. Not sure what I'll work on first at this point.

There was also a red wool mix cardigan - long and boxy which would be great a bit more fitted - not sure the best way to go about that yet.

We have a Pattern Review weekend planned in Preston later in October (24-26 Oct) which should be great fun. But I think after that I might have a bit of a break and try not to buy any new fabric or patterns for a while - and actually work on some of the refashion projects I've been thinking about.

We're hoping to move into our new house in November, and I'll have a great new sewing studio there. I will finally get my fabric out of storage so I could try to keep the no buying thing going from after the PR weekend right through until the new year.

Artisan Square are going to host the SWAP contest in 2009 since Timmel Fabrics closed this summer. If that requires a purchase of some sort I would do it, but otherwise try to sew from stash as much as possible.

I'm making no promises though :-)

Right off for a bit of a lie down since I ache sooooo much.

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