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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Back to sewing

I've had a little pause in my sewing activities whilst I revised like a mad person for my exam which was yesterday. I was relieved more than any other emotion when I passed as I had been slogging away on this since before I moved.
For those who are interested I am now a member of the Project Management Institute, and am a Certified Associate in Project Management.

Quite glad that's over for a year or two and I can get on with sewing, decorating and gardening which are my top items for the next few months.

Sewing wise, I need to be focussed and make tops for the SWAP before I get into another jacket, wool trousers, a panelled skirt etc. I am going to try the McCall's blouse Jenni helped me fit. It would be soo great to have a fitting blouse.

The next item on my decorating list is to paint the red wall in what should be my guest room a nice soothing shade of blue, construct the bed, and move the boxes out into the garage to be tackled later. Then I can have friends come to stay.

Gardening wise I need to do a bit of weeding and tidying. The garden is quite low maintenance in the new house and DH and I have decided not to put any new plants in this year, but allow the garden to show us what it has already, and get an idea of shady spots and sunny spots, to be ready to plant next year (or maybe Autumn for bulbs).

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