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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Planning to Sew

Life has calmed down a little now I am living full time at my parents, and having sorted a box today I am hoping to do some sewing this evening. (I have a target of a box a day to work through unsorted boxes I brought with me).
I'd quite like to make the Hot Patterns drape neck top in ivory viscose (rayon) knit, but its dependant on finding all the bits - pattern, fabric etc.
I also have a week to make 3 cushion covers with the initials M, R and T on for my nieces and nephew for their various birthdays.
Oh and work full time obviously. That might involve going into the office though as I have mislaid my non standard Blackberry charger! If I could find the charger I could WFH tomorrow which would be nice..... so its depends, perhaps that should be my first activity this evening.

I don't know about the rest of the sewing community but if I go too long between sewing sessions I start to get a bit twitchy.
I am not going to be able to do SWAP this year, and frankly I probably have enough clothes already anyway, but I might they and do a small capsule either as part of the PR contest or the Spring Sew Along on SG.

I also hope to intersperse the posts with a few pictures of the sewing related goodies I was given as gifts for Christmas/Birthday, though that is dependant on me finding everything!


marysews said...

One box a day is a good goal. We moved in October, and still have a few boxes to unpack.

Rhoto said...

Warm greetings,

Jenni said...

Looking forward to seeing the results of your sewing as always. Your plan to reward yourself with sewing sounds good and I know what you mean about getting twitchy without the sewing.