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Sunday, 6 February 2011


I have sewn nothing at all so far in 2011 which is a shame, but life and work have overtaken sewing at the moment.
Moving all my clothes and packing to store or move all my sewing stuff has shown that I don't really need another 11 pieces in my wardrobe at this point in time, so SWAP is out for this year as far as I can see due to both time constraints and actually needing those items.
Instead I am going to sew individual pieces to enhance what I've already got in the wardrobe, so will do a small collection but not a whole SWAP.
I'm back for a week to the old house to clear out the garage, freezer etc. and then I'll be able to properly settle in at my parents and start to review my wardrobe needs.
I'm back to wearing either a matching trouser suit (all purchased) or a top/ trousers which match with a contrasting brighter jacket as my work outfits. I do feel comfortable in these, so need to make sure I have total outfits which work together to make getting dressed easy.

The stay with my parents is only for a few months, and after that I'll be renting a little house for myself a bit nearer to the office. There I'll be able to have a sewing room and get all my stuff back together, so I can shop from my own fabric and haberdashery departments in house!

I think I've been so hung up on churning out Collections the last year or two that I've not looked hard enough at what I actaully wear and whether the sewing meets my needs.
Of course there is the other side to sewing which is the creative part, the colours, prints, textures and details - the stuff which makes sewing fun.

So at a point where I am re-evaluating lots of things in my life and experiencing many changes, I am sure my approach to sewing will change as well.


Julie Culshaw said...

Hi Ruthie, hope all is going well for you. I read of your move and I know how much of an upheaval this time must be. It is so hard, cutting through stuff and paring down during a move.
Glad that you are back posting and wish you all the best while settling in.

Peggy L said...

Ruthie -that sounds like a wonderful plan! Much less stressful to focus on a few fun items at this time in your life. Best of luck to you. I hope you find the perfect spot to relocate.

Rhoto said...

;)!! Wonder if lots of your sewing capsule pieces work well with other sewing capsule pieces, also...
Renewal times ARE creative and fun, too...
Warm greetings,

sdBev-NL6538 said...

Ruthie after this week you should have passed the worst of the changes. Good luck.

Know what you mean about the collections. It's such fun being a designer. But we really do need to sew for the lives we actually live.

PS this is the first time in a long time I've been able to comment on your blog.

Sharon said...

Ruthie so good to hear from you and sounds like this week will bring some things to a close. Take care of yourself and your new sewing plan sounds very promising.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Ruthie! Sounds like a good time for some snoop shopping.

kbenco said...

Ruthie, sew just what you fancy. I'm sure your life is full of "shoulds" at the moment. Of course, if you only fancy sewing items that you will wear to death, do that!
I hope you are on an even keel soon. It is hard to have to keep coping with change.