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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Burdas from 2003-4

A lady on Stitchers Guild was clearing out some of her old Burda magazines and asked if anyone wanted them. I did although she's miles away.... but I've managed to arrange for a friend who works in that area to collect them from her and hopefully they will be on their way towards me on Friday. Apparently its the whole of 2003 and 2004, and given that I'm not usually one to embrace the latest fashions in Burda, may well give me lots of patterns which would work.
I had a little search on PR and people were sewing Burdas then and had good reviews, so I'll have to see when they come.
I'm really quite excited, and hope there will be some patterns that are quite me in there. Not sure if it'll disrupt my SWAP plans if I get distracted by something different than planned. However I have taken a different approach this year with a mood board and 3 boxes of co-ordinating fabric rather than anything more specific. So as long as the yardage is enough for whatever I fancy sewing I can have this freer form way of sewing which I think will be good.

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Sewfast said...

I have some older Burdas and although the styles can be dated, the basic designs can be modified and since fashion cycles around, you'll be ready for the next wave. Enjoy your new magazines!