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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Black 'Heart' Cushions

Having finished the black dress I could carry on with more SWAP pieces, but I think actually I need to make some pieces for the Craft Fayre, even though I can't be there in person. Since the machines are threaded in black, I am going to take a piece of black upholstery fabric I bought as a remnant at some point. I think in being black I thought to make it into clothing when I bought it, but it really is going to be better as aprons, bags, cushions and other such things. It sometimes surprises me how many such things can be got out of yardage, compared to clothing.

I think I will start with a classic adult sized apron, and then a simple cushion and see what is left over after that point. Pictures before bed time :-)

I loved the black cushions with naif cream stitched hearts, so made 8 of them. They need a press and perhaps a creamy button on the points (especially where my stitching is a bit wonky).
The hearts are drawn freehand with chalk (one half) and folded together and rechalked. This gives each heart a different shape, some fat and happy others pointy and elegant.
I also have 2 black aprons half made, 6 green check aprons half made, 4 cream cushions which need pressing and one green striped shopping bag finished.
Another couple of sessions and I will have half a table worth. Let's hope people will want to buy them.


StephC said...

Oh they're cute! I would buy one, one of these days I'd like to have a room in my house that has green walls and black and white furnishings... A pillow like that would be my first step in that direction. :) Are they only available for the craft fayre?

SewRuthie said...

StephC, so not worth me sending them to anyone, they are super simple. They are just basic envelope cushions with a bit of contrast stitching. I'll do a bit of a tutorial later in the week if people are interested and then you can copy the idea as you wish.

Jenni said...

wow, you have been really busy and those cushions are fabulous. So chic.
PS my word verification is stash... how relevant is that to my life?

Ann said...

Great pillows and great to hear that you have so much done for the craft fair. I am sure everything will sell.

SewRuthie said...

Love that you word verification is stash Jenni, thats cool!

Ruth said...

I just adore uniqueness and these cushion covers shout that - not one the same! Super. Added to which the design is just perfect, simple with aesthetics. Well done, I hope the sale goes well.