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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Autumn 6 piece collection

Having not participated in the Summer 6 piece collection on Stitchers Guild at all, I would like to do the Autumn one again this year.
Somehow for me Autumn doesn't start until September when school in most of the UK starts for children, so I probably won't sew until then. My favourite dark neutrals are dark chocolate brown or an inky navy, so I will go one way or the other  - probably with the brown.

I thrifted a rather nice 'per una' jacket in a textured brown stripe, so may use that as the starting point for my collection, and build other peices to work with it. Very dark brown would work well as would cream or coral tops, and I really want to sew all from my huge stash.

    Jacket or cardigan in a dark neutral.  - Thrifted 'per una' tailored Jacket
    Bottom in the same dark neutral.  - Dark chocolate wide leg trousers
    Top in same dark neutral.  - Dark chocolate knit top with self decoration e.g self fabric frill, ruching or other detailing.
    Jacket/cardigan in alternative colour.   - I fancy a rich coral pink, or maybe a burgundy found some burnt orange wool that could be a great winter jacket.
    Top in this same alternative colour/neutral.  - ditto coral or burgundy I have orange jersey in the stash too.
    Print top that contains both colours/neutrals - chocolate and coral? (must check in stash) the print below just says Autumn to me!

Maybe Chocolate, Taupe and Burnt Orange? I have a great jersey leaf print......


RhondaBuss said...

What a great piece of fabric for a fall outfit. Nice to see that you're back to the sewing machine.

Jen said...

chocolate, taupe and orange gets my vote.

pdiddly said...

great colours

Judith said...

Looking forward to seeing what fabrics and patterns your pair-up for this collection. Love the sound of the colour choices/fabrics so far...
✿ Judy
made by J

velosewer said...

Yay. You've got something exciting to work on in your reorganised space. Cool.