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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Been busy

Hiya folks, there's no problem chez Ruthie other than work being long and hard, and weekends being taken up with chores and getting to see my sweetie. So all is OK but sewing output has been pretty much nil.
For the hand luggage only trip I bought a bag which exactly meets the definitions, rather than trying to sew one. Not a deliberate move particularly, but I found it onsale inexpensively and decided it was a good idea.

So that's sorted, and it works quite well as a weekend bag too.

I am currently debating whether I drop out of SWAP altogether, or morph my plan to include instead a thrifted Orvis jacket. A beautiful classic piece and a great basis for a wardrobe.
I don't see me having the time or energy to sew the original plan at the moment but I love to participate.
I'll try and do a picture of the jacket tonight.

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