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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Style 2887

I bought this Style pattern 2887 yesterday in a charity shop for £1.99.
It Is from 1997 so not exactly modern, but I liked the centre back seam, and the princess seams as that should make fitting changes easier. It has a shaped cuff rather than one which buttons, but if I didn't like this in practice I could always switch it out for a more classic cuff from another pattern.
The darted views are only for knit fabric, so I probably won't do those. Fabric requirements is 1.8 metres for the long sleeved version in a 16, though with all those pieces maybe a more frugal layout can be achieved. The long sleeves could always loose their shaped cuffs, and just have a simple hem instead.
Quite a lot of sewing involved though, in making that collar, so we shall see. But I could imagine myself in a shirt of this style which is half the battle.
Thanks for the replies on the wardrobe dilemmas. If I posted a few partial outfits would you be able to suggest the missing item? I am aware that I have, for instance, no plain white blouse that fits me. (I have one but it has large mother-of-pearl buttons and doesn't fit too well as the sleeves are too tight.) Do I really need one, or can I substitute a cream knit top?


Judith said...

This would be a great shirt to make up in any plain colour to pop into your wardrobe!

Julie Culshaw said...

A plain white blouse will get lots of wear. This style of blouse is particularly nice with the fitted seams.

Kay said...

Totally!! post your pictures and I'd love to suggest some missing items..

Once you get the fit right with this shirt pattern,you can also use it Burda collars to switch things up..

Btw, that white shirt that you have - can you replace the buttons and remove the sleeves and make it sleeveless? If you wear it under a jacket, the sleeves don't "have to" be seen.. And a sleeveless white shirt makes nice weekend top with jeans or skirts..

Jenni said...

Oh that's really lovely. I like the fact that you can make it in a knit fabric, that would be so much more comfortable. I wonder if you could do the body/sleeves in a knit then the collar and cuffs in a woven. I think the whole multiple piece collar thing would be easier to do in a woven and it could look rather nice. Think blue shirt with white collar and cuffs, like those expensive menswear ones.
The fitted seams tend to make for a more comfortable shirt, as long as you don't overfit (says she, who almost always does) in a woven and I don't think it matters a jot what age the pattern is. That's a very classic style and you can totally change the cuffs to suit your needs.

Chris Lucas said...

This looks like a great pattern... and who cares if it's not one of the latests ones released... sometimes the old classic styles are the best ones around... this one looks great and is definitely not out of date and I don't think it would ever date... it's a great classic and style. I think this style would look quite flattering on you and would love to see you make it and wearing it.