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Thursday, 7 November 2013

SWAP 2014 plans

My SWAP plan doesn't seem to have a title yet. Something that plays on the green and orange tones found in copper perhaps?

It is based on a green/black/cream tweed jacket I made in sewing class ages ago, but never quite got into wearing and some green suede boots with rust/copper coloured detailing which I recently had altered so they fit nicely. I really wanted to incorporate these items into my everyday wardrobe. So the colours come from those items - the dark bottle green, black, cream and rust/copper.

I also wanted to include some items I have cut out but never sewn up - a cream knit top and a dark green corduroy skirt. I also wanted to and use a Vogue pattern I have had for a long time but never made up - Vogue 2989

I will try and sketch something out, but for the moment it is looking something like this:-

First 3 pack
Top - Orange turtle neck
Bottom - Green/black/cream tweed skirt – sewn before start date
Layer - Green/black/cream tweed jacket – previously sewn

Wildcard - Green/black/cream tweed waistcoat (already cut out, though needs lining cutting out)

Second 3 pack
Top - Cream knit top (already cut out)
Bottom - Green jumbo cord skirt (already cut out)
Layer - Vogue 2989 Jacket – probably cream sweater knit (from stash)

Third 3 pack
Dress - Vogue 2989 Dress – black or charcoal knit (from stash)
Top - Vogue 2989 Top – cream or orange knit (from stash)
Bottom - Vogue 2989 Skirt – plain black or charcoal knit (from stash)

Wildcard - Vogue 2989 Trousers – plain black stretch fabric (may need to buy, depending on stash)

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