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Friday, 8 November 2013

Tweed Skirt - finished

The skirt has been finished for a few days, but I'd not had chance to photograph it.
I had to sew it with 1/4" seams rather than 5/8" and that extra 1.5" makes all the difference!
 I used some of the lining left over form the matching jacket, and an invisible zipper from the stash.
This evening I had a good tidy up in the sewing room and I can now see the floor and get in and out of the door as well as being able to access the fabric stash. I've had a good sort through and picked some likely fabrics for the swap, plus a couple of spares in case of disasters striking!
I have put the swap fabrics in a box, as I have some other projects to do first.

For a long time the matching jacket had no buttons, then eventually I added some metal antique silver coloured ones. They are OK but don't work with the copper tones on the boots, so I will either swap them for copper coloured buttons or covers some button blanks in self fabric.

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