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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tuesday's work look

I changed jobs and have been exploring dressing a bit more smartly in my new role.
Most of the pieces are RTW, so this is more about office dress code than sewing, hope that's not a problem.
 This is a fitted TMLewin women's shirt with a cutaway neckline in white with teal stripes, then an inexpensive pearl/silver necklace and a lovely hand painted silk scarf to pick up the teal in the shirt.
 This was worn with a classic black pin stripe trouser suit from Planet and an absolutely beautiful silver celtic knot brooch.
Interestingly after only 3 days of this (I have tomorrow's outfit ready to go), the one common theme running through all the outfits is the celtic knot influence - not done deliberately, but definitely something close to my heart.
So maybe this can quietly become my signature.


RhondaBuss said...

Such lovely outfits. Well thought out, professional and stylish. I bet you smile all day long :)

Ann said...

Lovely outfits you are putting together for work. And, yes, make the pin your signature piece.

Chris Lucas said...

Great looking outfits! Oh to be able to dress up to go to work... I'm so envious. Hope you're enjoying your new job as much as wearing all those lovely outfits :)