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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I'm into the 6th week in the new job and the sewing and general creativity is completely stalled. I am hoping it is just a temporary pause and the inspiration and energy will return soon.

I am guessing that all of the extra mental energy is going into learning the new job and addressing my questions about what it is appropriate to wear for said new job.

If you are interested in this, there's a big topic about it over on Stitchers Guild
Ruthie's exploration thread

I am not sure if this will change the direction of my SWAP plan or not. If things carry on like this I probably won't actually manage to complete another SWAP, but it is not like I am short of clothes to wear.


Thinking about it, one thing I have noticed in the past when I hit the giant Pause button in an area of my life, is that then (sometimes several months later) when I come off pause, things go off in a slightly different direction. Almost always for the better (at least from my perspective).
Sometimes I need to take the data, the feedback and process it, observe, try things, process some more and out of that come new and interesting things. The more challenge there is to who I think I am and what I thought I knew, the longer/more difficult the process. But probably its richer and truer because of that.

So I suspect that the SWAP plan will get revised, or scrapped or something, especially if I decide to go for a totally work appropriate SWAP. But that's not a bad thing at all, it will just more accurately reflect the person I have grown up to be at that point.

I think the new direction will be more elegant, streamlined and allow space for details. It is going to be interesting isn't it? I'm quite excited.

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