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Friday, 27 December 2013

Dartless woven tee

The dartless woven tee has come out well, though very snug in the shoulders. I think the block does not have enough ease for the non-stretch nature of the fabric personally so have added a strip in the centre front as it seems to be the width across the front above the bust which is a little too narrow.
I added a braclet length sleeve from another pattern, but used the sleeve cap from the book. I also added to the side seams which I shaped in slightly at the waist and a little to the length. And of course I did a forward head alteration to the front, and a round back alteration to the back, adding a centre back seam to the pattern.
I followed the bias neckline directions on the Grainline website which produced very good results, and although time consuming this is definitely a method I would use again as the results are very neat.

Since I have used a dark navy viscose (rayon) fabric from the stash it is a little hard to see the details.

I will try to get a shot of me wearing it. It fits very neatly in the shoulders, but I would like a little more ease here in future versions, so have added a little tissue to the centre front for the next version.

I really like this blouse and there are definitely going to be quite a few other versions in future. With the long sleeves this used about 1.2m of 150cm wide fabric. However a short sleeved version could definitely be got out of 1m, and even smaller pieces could be used by adding a contrast back or sleeves or even a yoke, so I think this will enable me to spin off into various blouse options.

I have some old viscose print skirts I cut apart and kept hoping to be able to make blouses instead, so I think this will work very well for those.


Jenni said...

That has come out really lovely. I love your idea of using the older garments to repurpose lovely fabrics. An excellent idea. I am looking forward to seeing you wearing this one when you get chance to take a photo.

L said...

I'd love to see how you turn the skirts into blouses.

As Jenni said, I'd also like to see a photo of this blouse in action. It sounds like a winner.