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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Navy boiled wool jacket - finally in progress

Quite a while back (August apparently) I cut into one of my precious pieces of boiled wool, with this pattern I had muslined, with some help from J. I got quite a long way through the construction today, before heading of to a Carol service (where a friend was singing in the choir) and home to watch the recording of the GBSB Christmas Special.
Here's the fabric
and the pattern
I will share more when it is all completed, which will be a few days due to having to go to work!

However the sleeves are already constructed so just need inserting, decision on what hemming approach to use.
I may actually hand hem for once, since I like the look so far with no stitching showing, it's nice and clean.
And I will either go button and loop, or some sort of hidden fur hooks type closure, I don't want to try and make classic buttonholes in this fabric!

Then whilst I have navy blue on all the machines, I fancy an interesting skirt from a navy and white check. Something all on interesting angles (cut about) to wear with knee high boots. I found the fabric, but what happened to the pattern?

edited to add that I do already own 'Pants for Real People' and have started reading the section called 'Fly Front Zipper for Women' on pages 107-109, but it is not currently sinking in. I shall read it in bed a couple of times and then eventually try it out and I am sure it will be fine. I seem to do the thinking ahead of the doing these days but seem to get better results interestingly than the old approach of just ploughing ahead.


BeaJay said...

Looking good. Interested to see this skirt on angles.

Jenni said...

Looking fab so far. I agree that buttonholes are not the best plan. I put them in my bioled wool jacket but they do stretch out and look wiggly very quickly, even with the extra patch of wool behind the hole (which looks ugly when the jacket falls open. Wonder if a corded buttonhole might work? Only just thought about that. Hmmmm.

Lyndle said...

Gorgeous fabric! This is going to be a lovely jacket.
I've used frog-type arrangements mounted on a strip of leather, on boiled wool, but that might not have the right look for such a professional looking jacket. I have buttonholes in an RTW one, will check them out.

L said...

Your jacket is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing and giving me some inspiration!

Alison said...

What a gorgeous jacket in a splendid color! I vote for fur style hook and eye closures, as they will be the least obtrusive.

Perhaps making up a sample zipper before starting in on the actual project might be useful...I know that sounds like a huge bother, but it might make the actual insertion easier

indigotiger from SG

Cherie said...

Can't wait to see this jacket, it will be stunning! Love boiled wool, but in Phoenix, AZ, can't use :(