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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring Black Trousers (Pants) Sew Along (March/April 2014)

Hiya everyone, both YorkshireLass and I have plain black trousers in our SWAP plans, but were not finding the impetus to somehow get it done. Plain black is kinda boring.
So we thought we'd have a sew along between ourselves.

If you want to join us you would be welcome.

The timescales are something like this.

March 1st to 14th -  think about joining, find fabric and pattern, make muslins etc
March 15th/16th - start some point over this weekend
carry on working away at your trousers and aim to finish by end of April.

The trousers (pants) can be any style, size and for anyone (though we are making for ourselves) and need to be made of any plain black fabric.

Post pictures of your finished trousers on Stitchers Guild for all to see, any time in March or April.


helenko said...

Great idea! I may join - God willing & the creek don' rise. I have 2 pair of pants in my SWAP and this may help me get it done! Even if I don't join in - I'll be interested in your progress ( 'cos I have 2 shirts I wanna/must make first.....)

SewRuthie said...

Great :-) let's encourage each other!