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Friday, 7 March 2014

Vogue 2989 Personal Challenge

I have posted Vogue 2989 before but not made it up. Then I thought to myself that i actually fancied trying to reproduce the pieces on the envelope (though of course in my size (16ish) ).
It is for knits only, and for most of the pieces I can do that from stash. The fabric I planned for the jacket is actually a loose woven, so we shall see about that one. And the one piece of black ponte I have is more likely to be the dress than the trousers. I will have to alter everything so lets see if I can do it. In particualr the top and dress are planned for SWAP, as are the Burda trousers I posted a few days ago. So those will get done first before I move on to the jacket, skirt and trousers from this pattern. Somehow I don't expect to look quite like the Vogue model when everything is done!


RhondaBuss said...

Great wardrobe plan.

Jenni said...

Oh I do love that pattern. I will be watching with interest. It sounds a good plan and the dress is really nicely shaped.