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Friday, 6 March 2015

Monday Market Man and other adventures

I went to see the Monday Market man on Monday lunchtime looking for t-shirting for my Auntie.
He didn't have what she wanted, but the poor man was there in nasty snow, sleet, wind and cold and didn't have lots of customers so I bought some knit fabric for myself instead.
The fabric on the left is black/white/teal leaf print. I wondered if I could get a simple skirt and a top from this.
I could wear them together for a dress look, but also separately with black, white or teal pieces.
The fabric on the right is more for a night shirt or PJs and if mum likes it I will make her a night shirt from it.

I then moved onto to the fabric shop in the indoor market, still looking for my Auntie, but again bought for me.
This is 1m of linen knit. I previously bought 1m of this same fabric from somewhere else, but then cut baby trousers from it, meaning it wasn't big enough for the planned t-shirt for me. Now I should have enough with both pieces together to cut out a long sleeved tee to wear with jeans.

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Jenni said...

That's a very nice haul. Like the leaf print particularly and its very you.