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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Wheat chenille chair

Back in 2012 I bought this second hand office chair to use in the sewing room (picture from the shop)
Today I recovered it in a wheat coloured chenille upholstery fabric and its much more suited to my decor.
I choose to have things in neutral colours these days, adding pop with pictures, vases, candles, books etc.
I'm really pleased with this project, which I did done the other end of the room whilst DBF was watching the earlier rugby matches.
I did not take any in progress shots.
DBF helped me take the chair apart so I could recover it, and then I put it back together again myself.
We separated the wheels, seat and back from each other.

The moulded back was attached by 4 plastic notched prongs, which fitted into 4 holes in the back of the padded part. We only could tell this once DBF had wrenched it apart using sheer force, once recovered I just lined the prongs up with the holes againand pushed firmly until it clicked in.

These prongs were spaced across the back, in the middle not too near the edge.

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