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Friday 30 October 2015

Blackcurrent Cardigan Jacket

Here's the last piece of the Autumn Berries Collection (at least the last piece currently cut out).
The fabric is a wool mix stretch woven, with a wooly blackcurrant coloured front and a matte dark brown back. I've sewn it up with the cardigan jacket from my favourite pattern - New Look 6735.
I've cut it slightly shorter and omitted the belt. I have interfaced the lower sections of the front band with very lightweight interfacing and am planning on adding buttons and button holes to the front.
The fit is good (though tweaked somewhat from the original).
I might switch to green now I've made 11 pieces, or perhaps I will make some Berry Trousers!


MaryEllen said...

Love the colors & how well they all coordinate

Summer said...

What a great wardrobe! Love the colors, and the styles!

Anne said...

I love berry colours. Lovely wardrobe.