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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Progress at the half way mark

Today is 15th June, so I need to be at least half way finished with the June capsule contest.
What can I say some people are finished already!!
We seem to be having a lull in house viewings, so I have got the sewing stuff out again, at least for a little while.

I have finished my accessory - a jewellery set based on olive beads recycled from a old fashioned triple strand necklace with a broken clasp.
There is a very long strand of beads knotted onto sage green cotton knitting thread with two knots between each bead, which took awhile to get going but got done in little sessions.
There's also a bracelet on nude elastic cord using the olive beads and pairs of pewter grey beads.
Finally some simple dangle earrings using the same beads and some sterling silver hooks.
I hadn't made any jewellery for months and really enjoyed this little project.

Garments wise I am part done on three garments - the olive skirt, the olive pants and the print knit top. I'm not quite sure why that is if I am honest, I guess I am having a bad case of grasshopper brain, so need to switch over into completer finisher mode for a couple of hours and it'll all get finished off.

For my fourth garment I was going to sew the Jalie wrap top in Light Teal green knit, but it doesn't work terribly well with the olive green necklace, so I am going to have to come up with something else instead. I can ponder that whilst I finihs off the olive green things though.


Elle said...

These are such a lovely complement to your JCC pieces, no wonder your outfits look so well put together.

RuthieK said...

Thank you :-)