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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Why my capsule should win!

Elizabeth asked each of us to say why we think our collection should win, and pointed out that it is not being conceited but gives everyone some sense of what you think are the best aspects of your collection.

I'll put mine in pictures! This is me wearing the olive pants I sewed for myself in June 2007, I felt reasonably pleased with them and posed with a happy smile - they had wide legs and an elasticated waist.

In June 2008 I was again inspired by the safari theme and sewed another pair of olive pants for myself. This time I used a slim leg pants pattern with darts and a zip, and this pattern is also 2 sizes smaller as well as more closely fitting. What a difference 35lbs makes!

I only need to lose 5lbs more to get into a healthy weight for my height, but I need to sew more clothes as nothing fits anymore. So for this reason vote for me :-)

OK I think I should win because I have lost 35lbs and have 5lbs to go, but I have sewed for the body I have now. My clothes fit me well and are practical for my lifestyle. The garments are constructed in a way that will allow me to alter them to fit when I get to my goal weight.


Anonymous said...

You rock!! Great collection, by the way, I really like that printed top a lot. And the safari style is just up my alley...
I am sure you´ve printed out those two pictures on one paper and have it sitting there right next to your kitchen table. Enjoy your achiement, girl!

Marji said...

Ruthie, you have the capsule / wardrobe concept down pat, and have really really nailed the concept.
I've enjoyed looking at your photos.
I also love the beaded accessories you made for this capsule.
Congrats on the weight loss - I'm just starting that journey - I found all that you've lost in the last year. ;)