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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sizing of patterns (boo hoo)


As you may now I've lost 35 lbs since July last year which is great but of course means things don't fit anymore. At least in the shops if something is too large I can go down a size.
There must be some vanity sizing going on in the UK clothing shops these days because I am buying size 12 trousers if they have wide legs. I have no idea how to translate this into sewing pattern though.

In the Timmel SWAP I used Simplicity 4699 for many items including trousers. I cut a size 16 and the trousers were absolutely massive and needed about an inch taking off all the seams - admittedly I used fabric with some stretch in it but still.....

Fast forward to the JCC, and I am now using Simplicity 4638, this has some neat little straight leg pants, based on the experience with 4699, I decide to cut out a 14. I put the zip in the centre back to allow easier altering at the side seams if required and sew the pants up to try (no waist or hem treatment).
I can get into the pants and zip them up but look like an olive green sausage. Suddenly I have a huge tummy and thighs, sitting is not an option. The waist appears to come up 3 inches above my natural waistline, I have .8m of fabric left so recutting is not an option.

I don't get it, presumably the design differences and fabric choices are a factor, but the 14 is not that much smaller than the too large 16. And both patterns are fairly recent Simplicity wardrobe patterns.

I am currently taking a coffee break, but then I will let out the side seams as far as they go and see how it looks. If its still too tight then I'll add some narrow strips as a 'design feature' down the sides.

I suppose the secret is in measuring the pattern tissue before cutting out?

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Noel Figart said...

Yeah, measuring before cutting is a good idea.

However, if you take a look at the back of the pattern, it'll tell you what hips, bust and waist measurements fit what size. And no, they won't be the sizes that fit in the store, darn it. Vanity sizing has not hit the fashion industry at all!