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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Burda October 2011

I quite like some sections of the October Burda, in particular the double page in the start of the 'Boho Chic' section with this dress on the left and the trousers, blouse and waistcoat on the right, all very me.

The dress is a simpler version of the Monsoon dress I loved, so I could make a version of the right fabric fell from my cupboard or was purchased.
I also already have similar trousers/waistcoat, and just need a floaty blouse (though will skip the hat) to make this outfit work.
I shall take Burda away on holiday with me and do some tracing (and maybe even some sewing!)


pdiddly said...

You have just prompted me to get my copy next week in London. It looks like there are some nice pieces in it.

Have a nice holiday.

Kirsty said...

there are some GORGEOUS patterns in this months Burda ! Looking forward to seeing some made up ! Enjoy your holidays.

sdBev said...

Oh I do think those are really you! Great choices!

Kyle said...

Hi Ruthie,
Here is the website for the person who lead the zipper flower class. http://www.peacockpatterns.com/ It doesn't look like she's selling the instructions on how to do zipper flowers, though.