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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Coral Pink makes me glow

I put on some PJs I've not worn for a while, and realised with my new darker brown hair (natural medium brown) the colour in the PJ top is stunning on me - makes me look well and almost glowing. I am not sure if the colour would be as great with slightly warmer hair (I suspect it would, as its reflecting my skintone pink, not the warmth in the hair).
So I frantically searched through my various packets of swatches, and books with printed swatches to confirm this is CORAL PINK in CMB land.
I had made a coral pink lace top in the Botanical Garden collection exactly this colour, but it was totalled by my mother doing laundry for me in the early days of me living with them during my divorce. I couldn't make a fuss (could I?) as she was being so lovely doing my laundry when I was in an emotional mess, so I just let it go, after all its only a top. I had made 2 cardiwraps in the lace and underlayer I used for that top, so I guess I could butcher them and make another top if I wanted.


pdiddly said...

what a shame about your top, however I think the cardi is lovely so not sure I would want to cut into it.

Tam said...

I'd hate to cut the cardi's up myself but if you really want to it would probably work well.
I did just run across this fabric and thought of you, it's a woven but looked like the perfect color.