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Friday, 2 September 2011

Those Self-Sewn Challenges

I'm quite interested in those self-sewn challenges, and a few bloggers I read participate and I enjoy the results. September arrived without me really taking too much notice, so I am not prepped for Self-Sewn-September, and tbh I don't have the drive to photograph myself every day, though I've dug out the ancient digital SLR and have started wondering where in the house I could set it up for semi decent indoor shots from tripod.
However I do want to try and wear something Ruth-constructed every day (even if its only jewellery) and did manage it yesterday though no picture. I wore the new warm navy cardigan, new squares print blouse and some made-by-me brown tailored trousers from a much loved Burda pattern. Since I plan to wear purchased jeans today I'll have a Ruthie tee - which is often my solution :-).
I quite like Autumn because I can wear my leather boots, wool coats and all those rich colours and great textures. mmmmmmmm.

I've also coloured my hair - "Natural Medium Brown" apparently - and its a lot darker than my usual "Highland Chestnut" though I expect close to the medium brown colour that my hair was. Not sure I like it, though it does have less red undertones to it and I suppose therefore should make a wider range of colours work for me.

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Rhoto said...

Ruthie!! My colourist just took all the red out of my hair--she wants it more natural warm brown... The reddish undertone was MY idea 'cos I'm 1/2 Irish ;D... SHE knows better, eh!
What FUN it is to be female!!