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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Autumn Pyjamas

I actually need Autumn pyjamas more than I need Autumn clothes. I also need relaxed gym clothes.
I therefore have a cunning plan which is to make yoga pants, leggings, knit tops etc in various fabrics and wear the loud ones as nightwear and the more 'normal' ones to the gym. I can try some new patterns as wearable muslins which become PJs. I am particularly interested in slim pants and leggings in PJs as I think they would be less prone to creawl up the legs, flap about and be cold. I am cold at night so need long sleeves and long legs in things, none of this cami top nonsense, I am also planning on making the rainbow psychadelic cat fleece fabric into a dressing gown (aka robe).
Aren't they jolly? And of course if there is any left over..... I foresee hat, scarf, fleece booties and all other manner of hideous fleece-age. I can't wait and of course will be super toasty this winter if I do so :-)


Linda T said...

Love that fabric! I had something similar with dogs on it. Made a winter hood/scarf combo and fringed the ends. Loved it!

kittiesx3 said...

What patterns will you use for your PJ/workout clothing? I'm interested in doing much the same thing. And I agree with you, bare arms means I get cold at night.

Rhoto said...

Mee-oowwww!! ;) CUTE, Ruthie!!

debbi said...

Love the idea of autumn pyjamas. I'm thinking about fall wardrobe, but didn't think about pjs. Thanks for sharing the idea!

pdiddly said...

Its definitely cold enough for autumn pj's - they stated its been the coldest and wettest August for many years.

Despite being a dog lover - the cat fabric is cute :-)

Jenni said...

Very good ideas. Love the cat fabric for the dressing gown. I too need to sew some warm PJ's... or get out my hot water bottle. :)

Mike said...

Where did you get that cat fabric???