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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wardrobe Spreadsheet

I put the Nancy Nix-Rice plan into a spreadsheet. Its a very simple idea. Once tab is called Colours and on this one I overtype the names of the colours in the second column.
The other tab is a list of all the garments and accessories in Nancy's plan. Here the second column is a formula which looks up on the colours tab to tell you what the garments and accessories would be with that plan. Here's an example of one of the most complex formulae for a scarf which has all 3 colours in it.
And finally here's what it looks like when you put the two together. Your whole wardrobe list for those colours.
If you want to see what a Khaki, Rust and Coral wardrobe would look like, you type those colours in on the 'Colours' tab and then pop over to the Wardrobe tab, where its laid out for you.


Kelley said...

What a clever idea. And I love the way you call it "simple".

Jenni said...

Very clever idea. Wonder what it would make of my wardrobe of black and navy with some black and navy accents??? :)

Ann said...

What a cleaver idea but when I do mine, I don't get black jeans but blackjean. What is my mistake?

Ruthie said...

Ann you need to have a space on the front of jean :-)

Anonymous said...

What a smart idea! Thanks, I'm setting this up now.