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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Orange dress and top

I sewed the orange fabric up first as it seemed more summer than autumn, and the sunny nature of it just appealed to me :-)
Vogue 8679 dress lengthened by 10 inches.

Orange tee with ruffle emelishment

Original tunic length tee with side flared bits, this was hilariously hideous on my pear shaped self and has beenshortened to a more flattering length (picture above)

On the hanger the flared version is more attractive, but you have to believe me that it was NOT a good look on pear shaped person with saddlebags. The length and flared wings just emphasized this so they had to go!

A slight problem with the dress is that its a little sheer. Its not offensive with nicely fitting skin toned underwear, BUT with light behind the outline of my legs show. So I need some sort of slip/lining for it. I have two pieces of nude knit fabric it could use, though no clear ideas what to do. One is a very thin poly, the other is thicker but cotton or viscose so nicer to wear. Am undecided if I should try to line or make a separate knit slip dress......... maybe a half slip would work best.

P.S. I have added pictures of all the fabrics to the previous post for the lady who was asking :-) you'll need to scroll down a bit more.


Jenni said...

Cute tee shirt and dress, shame about the winged tunic. I can sort of see from the hanger shot that the wings are unfortunately placed. Good save though.

Jen said...

Very cute. I love the embellishments, very chic.

Rhoto said...

Really neat and pretty ruffles, Ruthie!!
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)